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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Russia and Japan

Last year's family trip is Japan and Russia. This was my first time going with my husband.The culture of this country, traditional and adorable, made our trip very enjoyable. Care and effort were put into very product and aspect of life, something we can all learn from. I decided to do this post in squares , as they fitting represent my feeling towards Japan.

We came upon a pretty castle where the Japanese prince and his wife stayed on their vacation on the island. They offered to dress little girls into princess dresses and to do their makeup and hair. My sister thought it was totally worth it , and gladly spent her money there. I don't mind having this cute model for a mini photoshoot.

This time the few things that I wanted to do were to visit the cosmo flower field. Cosmo flowers are known as the autumn cherry blossoms because of their similar four petals formation. Our friend Jonathan and Yuriko were eager to visit it too. To our surprise, blooming more vibrantly was the adjacent field of golden flowers. We were grateful to witness such a beautiful natural wonder.

Next on the list was to taste Michelin star ramen. Jonathan and Yuriko sacrificed their sleep to take a train early in the morning just in time to pick up a ticket for Ramen at 3:30 that afternoon. When we entered the store it was awkwardly silent. We soon found out why when our own bowl of ramen arrived. Our taste bud was fill with the aroma of truffle oil at first sip, we just want to direct all our senses to enjoy the rest of the noddle bowl.

The onsen experience was also memorable, it was pouring outside and our bare feet felt so cold against the wet marble. It was so a relief to be in the pool. The light gently shines on the maple leaves casting dancing shadows on our faces. It is then and there that you know you are really in Japan.

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