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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Happy Island Life

And we were back in Victoria for the weekend. The island is an impromptu of beautiful hanging flower baskets, horse drawn carriages, antique silver wares and laid back people. It is a place you can peacefully wake up in the morning and enjoy a brunch, followed by a aimless stroll through downtown, hop in a jazz fest and let yourself drift amoung the numerous artisan stands.

This time  round though we were there for a more meaningful cause than just brunch. It was to help the Vietnamese pregroup with conducting the bible meeting. We met the brothers and sisters for the first time and as expected they are wonderful people. There are only six people in the pregroup and none are native speakers. Their zeal and love for people though transcended the language barrier.  

Hospitality means " love for strangers". Why do we need to love strangers? Well it is because an once stranger might turn into a friend. We definitely felt hospitality in this little island and would love to return it one day.