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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Snow Blossom & Peony

I would drive pass the Memorial South Park everyday. It is just a humble neighbourhood park, yet from day one since I moved in, I was enchanted. During the magic hour, the sun would stream through the fog, making the dew covered grass minty green. The cherry blossoms shimmered invitingly, greeting the city good morning. During this shoot though, it was nothing like that. The sky was gray, rain was pouring down hard and the wind was bone chilling. Nevertheless the charm is not lost.
Umbrella is my ultimate weakness. I observed that it has became my custom to bring an ( or several ) umbrella back every time from my Asia trip. My mother bought several back from Japan herself during her honeymoon, and praised them numerous times for their beauty and durability. This is how I fooled myself into loving rainy days.  I felt like I traveled back in time whenever I open this, and to me that is a great feeling :) This particular umbrella is very special, when it is dried it is just peachy pink, but when it rains, patterns of cherry blossoms would appear. 
So let it rain :) 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hong Kong 2014

"To hug a porcupine, you must search for the place that is most "unporcupine-like"."

 I was so thankful for my dear friends, each offering a beautiful piece of Hong Kong, so unlike the one I knew. My week really flew  past while hearing wonderful stories. We eagerly filled each other in on what happened during the past year. It was like watching a drama series with a fast forward button. Communication through social media and electronic devices can never be surpassed by face to face interactions. 

While composing this blog post I was debating whether to post the journey day by day or wrap the whole trip in one super long ribbon. I decided on the latter. Some people might accuse photographers of being deceptive. I capture my imagination, to me thoughts are real. I believe we are story-tellers, orchestrating, polishing and elaborating a mosaic; one that can resonate in our hearts. 

The private afternoon tea party invite to Keith's English Cottage, received half a year ago was what I looked forward to after getting off the plane. The host was one of the most artistic and talented person I knew. Give me music, patisserie , good company, sunshine and I am a happy girl. The dress code of the party was Vintage, not surprising, just a challenge to our creativity. 

Staying at L' hotel really completed my trip. It was an unique experience, being a training ground for hotel management students. I surprised myself by waking up bright and early each morning to hit the gym. The breakfast buffet was always a delight, both Chinese and Western style breakfasts were offered. Words cannot describe the joy of waking up  beside my sweet baby sister .The friendly staff made my stay there felt like home. Ofcourse the garden on level 28th was really a sanctuary from all the bustling. 

Food was also a huge aspect of my trip. In the Chinese culture, the most enjoyed activity was spending time around the dinning table. A fortunate thing was that Hong Kong has a large array of restaurant selection. Lunch at Rice Paper was surprisingly tasty.  First, Vietnamese cuisine is one of my favourite, due to fond childhood memories. Further, all the dishes were presented with a French flair.  The glass of Chardonnay added that extra sparkle to the flavour and atmosphere. 

A visit to Qing Yi for brunch was also an refreshing experience, although communication was impossible with my friend's French in-laws.  Cherie had a terrible case of allergy that morning, but when she saw her friend Ynuit, all itchiness was soon forgotten. 

The fancy Thai afternoon tea at Mango Tree with Kelly and baby Audrey was an exotic treat. It was a miracle that we found each other in the mall, given that I was half an hour late and Kelly left her cell phone at home.  Spontaneities are what make a trip memorable. 

Hong Kong is infamous for its night time glamour. Taking a stroll after dinner along the harbour is one of the must dos. We were so fortunate to discover an artist corner. Local artists created large scale sculptures and installations, that for some odd reasons, echoes an outer space vibe to me. 

Bonding with my dearest childhood friend Anthonia will always be the highlight of my trip. This time we ventured to Little Egret, a whimsical restaurant located in Yuan Long. Several movies were shot there. Breathing in fresh air, taking photos, and being stalked by a mischievous monkey, can we ask for anything more? 

Thank you so much for viewing my Hong Kong trip 2014 ~~~