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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Egg Benedict ~

Inspired by wedding table setting, and making one of my favourite eat out item. The weekend is where I allow myself to indulge a little~ 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Garden Cocktail

Going to RBC is a heavenly privilege.... but it is certainly not the easiest thing for me. I have learned valuable lessons that are not possible in other places. It really humbled me being surrounded by ingenious designers, engineers, and architects. I really have to thank them for their continuous " long suffering " when dealing with me.

Every time I feel discouraged I think of this quote " Start over then create something better!"  I am learning something new everyday, not just in computer programs but also in seeing how Jehovah's hand is at work. Thank you so much JH for giving me this precious opportunity. I know I am here because of you ~~

This gathering marks the end of our year together ~ Thank you so much RB ~ your garden and all the water fountains just blew me away. 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Ladies, Peaches & Summerland

A little reward for accomplishing so much in this service year. In need of time to reset our goals , visiting old friends and have some girls bonding time, this trip seemed loaded with purpose but in reality it was light and airy. I feel so privileged to count those three beautiful and spiritual minded ladies as my close friends~

Summerland is located 5 hours away from Vancouver. In the on the West side of Okanagan Lake in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. The district is between Peachland to the north and Penticton to the South. 

The demographic of this town is skewed towards the retired and the affluents. It is very laid back. Many have their own mansions, orchards, and yachts.  Residents often felt they are already in Paradise. 

One of the must-do is a visit to the Naramata wineries. We chose the Lake Breeze Vineyard for lunch. 

It won various awards including the 

 the Best Red Wine of The Year at the All Canadian Wine Awards with its 2008 Tempest. The estate was stunning, and true to its name, we can get a incredible lake view while devouring our slow roasted duck with seasoned vegetable. As for wine, my friends ordered the
Gew├╝rztraminer, which is renown for its flamboyant lychee flavour ~ 

For me pairing the duck with bold yeasty and buttery flavour of 

Chardonnay was impeccable! 

The bed and breakfast we stayed at was run by our dear friends Stern and Jan. They are like family to us and waking up to Jan's fresh homemade peach cobbler with whipped cream was a dream! The well furnished rooms were super clean and we felt so welcomed in their care.

 The peach cobbler at Jan's was so good, that I searched for similar recipes to make use of the peaches we picked in Summerland. I found a dessert recipe from Le Creuset, and it was amazing ! Ultra simple and no fail! You can substitute different fruits too ~ I actually made it with blueberries today and it was an absolute treat~

 One of the bonus for me was salvaging two vintage teacups in local thrift shops. The selections of fine bone china was more than you can ask for, the price was more than reasonable too. But as not to bore my dear friends to death, and not earn myself a reputation of an old lady... I didn't spend as much time as I hoped in the shops. I think it is for the best ~ This gives us another reason to head back next year~