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Sunday, 10 March 2013


Seeing a friend picking up a camera for the first time is always a time for celebration ! Hope you will find joy and discover unseen beauty for years to come ~ 

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Homemade from the Wild

When irises and daffodils  shoot from the ground, robins cheerfully return and you caught yourself smiling at the sun for no particular reason, it must be Spring giving us her first greeting. 
A pleasant Saturday afternoon spent at a farmer's market was not really on my agenda, but thanks to my two lovely lady friends, I was able to discover this bustling village and so close to home!

Everything, yes everything even raw carrots ( one of my least favourite food :P ) taste miraculously good. I am starting to doubt that perhaps I have never ate the "real" carrot. Organic is not a buzz word here, it lived up to its name. Potato that tasted like it is already buttered, , babies bundled up with woolen knits, passerby chatting cheerfully with vendors are things I treasured that afternoon. When I complimented a vendor on his beautiful pot of flower, he told me he picked them in a forest and they are all wild!  Saddly I forgot to ask him which forest :P   

One thing I highly recommend to try is the Maple Taffy.  I once read about them in a novel about the life of early Canadian settlers. They would poke a hole in the maple tree to drain out the sap. Later they would heat up the sap up to 112C ( just before they become syrup) and pour it on snow, finally rolling them up with a small wooden stick into a lollipop-like treat. Maple taffy is one of the very few food that originated in Canada.  It tasted better than it did in my imagination!