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Thursday, 16 August 2012

New York New York

It really is a love and hate relationship when it comes to this city. Getting back to the hotel in New Jersey after watching Phantom three years ago, I was spooked by drunks, apathetic polices, and lots of dark allies. The city definitely didn't make the best first impression on me.  But this time because of my lovely friend who decided to married the man of her dreams in NY, I was "forced" to brave through this city again.  I  thought I did it for her, but the lovely bright side finally spoke to me and embraced this lone lost tourist with open arms. I am so glad I took a  second sip of this cup, before pouring it down the drain. 

One of the highlight of my trip is touring the Metropolitan Museum.  The Woman and the Seed bible tour captured our attention for 5 whole hours. The battle between good and evil was once again very much alive through the insightful explanation of artifacts from the four ancient world powers. 

Our Tour Guide

Two Beautiful sisters who host my lunch at bethel. 


 The three siblings were chasing a squirrel, much to their mother's dismay.  In central park squirrels are so used to human that they will come up and beg for food.  I love the girl's look of bewilderment. 

They are all women, yet their life style is so very different. Although this is not the most wanted job I admire how she carried on her work with dignity.  

This is the best raspberry white chocolate mocha that I ever have. It is like a liquid raspberry chocolate mousse cake.  The cafe is called blue spoon. 

Staying on the 11th floor of Bossert Hotel :)

                      General Terminal a magical train station 

Congratulations to Ina and Jake