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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dinner at Home

Sharing great food with wonderful friends, what better pleasure is there? 

Joyce & Brandy

Joyce is one of these few people I know will stick together with me no matter what life throws at us. 
It was such a pleasure taking the photo shoot for her and her beloved Brandy. 
The white summer dress looks fabulous against the heritage home and blossoming flowers. 
I hope you will enjoy viewing the photos as much as I did taking them ~ 

Friday, 20 July 2012


Haven't updated my blog recently. The ups and downs in life has left me feeling a little exhausted. Of course I believe there are always more ups than downs.

Recently, I am intrigued by "film style ". Film conveys a depth of feeling from more cyan and yellow tone that speaks a more sophisticated language then digital. So you will be seeing more of that showing through my editing.

This photo was taken while strolling around my neighbourhood. It is good to be reminded that this world is full of simple yet beautiful things right at our finger tips.